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The Lost Gardens Of Sevenoaks

Reuthe’s is a Sevenoaks based historical gardens specialised in organising outdoor activities such as children’ events, weddings and treks through the woods with the signature Alpacas.

Their Goals

Reuthes the lost gardens of Sevenoaks approached us as one of the many businesses heavily injured by the COVID-19 pandemic. The footfall for the gardens, revenue from tickets and overall online presence was very low, and therefore, we took it upon ourselves to elevate the park’s revenue and show Kent itself what a hidden gem The Lost Gardens are.

"We are delighted with the support we have received and love working with Matt & the team"

Reuthes The Lost Gardens of Sevenoaks
reuthes farmers market

Our actions

  • We developed a thorough social media content strategy for Reuthes Sevenoaks that involved the scheduled release of regular, valuable content on multiple platforms. Initially, the client only wanted to use Facebook. However, we quickly implemented Instagram and Twitter as well.


  • After proving ourselves with our highly efficient social media services, the client requested Search Engine Optimisation serviced. Therefore, we have developed an SEO strategy to drive traffic directly to the website. We focused heavily on local traffic due to the nature of the client’s business.


  • We have implemented a press release strategy to raise more awareness of the opportunities presented by Reuthes Sevenoaks. 


  • As the client introduced the hosting of a large Farmers’ market events, we made sure to use email marketing and paid adverts to target villages in the immediate area.

Reuthes The Lost gardens Of Sevenoaks
The outcome

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Online Store

The revenue generated from the online store has increased by 542% in 2020.

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Traffic to the website has increased by 184%. A significant portion of this increase comes from Google alone.

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Conversion Rate

The conversion rate has increased by 63%.

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Order Value

Average order value has increased by 33%

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SEO Traffic

Our SEO strategy increased organic traffic to the site by 540% in one year.

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Returning Customer

Returning customers increased from 9.24% to 23.44% 

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