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How Can Businesses Use Social Media 5 Tips For 2022

So how can businesses use social media? Social media for business is also known as social media marketing. It is a great way to increase your revenue! Yes, that’s right.

Those Facebook ads & organic posts can quite literally be a pot of gold if used correctly. 

Why? There are plenty of reasons why you should be using social media for business, but here are, in our opinion, the top 5 benefits of social media marketing.

From brand awareness to brand knowledge

Understanding branding basics is essential before embarking on your social media conquest. You can access our free blog for a guide on why branding is so important. 

After these guides, you should be intensely aware of who you are as a business and where your core values lie. Now, it’s time to share your message with the world.

And what other place is better than social media? One post is all it takes to get on your prospects’ feeds, and alike is all it takes to inspire the audience to take more action and get to know your brand better.

Chances are, if they recognise your brand online, they will also remember it on the streets.  

How Businesses can use social media Influencers

Why would you do all the work yourself? Influencer marketing is an asset that enables you to purchase the credibility and authority of an Internet figure. Whether through commission or affiliate marketing, tap into the power of influencers to boost your brand forward. 

You don’t have to grow your business’s social media page when you can already place your goods on someone’s massive following.

Of course, you ought to be mindful of costs. However, influencers are often a sound investment in social media for business.

Viral marketing is always possible.

Blue Moxie’s social media team has a motto: “You are always one post away from superstardom”. Nowadays, a single piece of content is all it takes to become a national sensation suddenly.

Social media marketing is the only strategy enabling you to get worldwide visibility for no cost. 

How Businesses can use social media to turn clients into brand ambassadors

“Make sure you post a picture with your MegaSmoothie and use the hashtag #MegaSmoothieSaturday for a chance to win a MegaBlender!”

Social post idea!

Or something like that. The thing is, social media users LOVE engagement. So the bigger the page, the more they will love your attention. And the more they love your attention, the more they’ll love your brand. And the more they’ll love your brand, the more attention they will seek…

And so on. But How can businesses use social media to do this?

Polls. Quizzes. Competitions. Replies and DMs. There are so many engagement tools that it would be impossible to list them all under a single article. Of course, these have different effectiveness rates, but one thing stays the same: The goal is to engage with your audience.

They will climb mountains for a chance to be featured in your story. Or, even better, in a post. Who doesn’t love attention, after all?


Marketing is a results-driven industry, and social media strategies don’t differ. Cold, complex numbers are precisely what you are going to get. On the other hand, everything in social media marketing is an easily predictable statistic: Follow count, likes, replies, DMs, shares and so on.

Read how to measure how well your social media is performing

A social media manager will talk you through the cold, hard statistics and how it reflects your business. Please speak to one of our Social Media Account managers today and see where your social media could be performing better Contact us 

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