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Boost sales on Google, Facebook and Instagram with one click

Pay Per Click Advertising Agency Kent - PPC Agency kent

Boost your sales and traffic
with PPC advertising

Leading PPC services in kent

Our Pay per click agency in Kent will help you to improve the quality of traffic coming through your website and allow your business to flourish without excessive competition.

Every digital marketing plan is different and we will work with your business to determine what Pay per click strategy is best for you.

We can also help you to expand your brand name, increase brand exposure, increase sales and leads and improve customer services with Pay per click management. PPC has become a mandatory medium of digital marketing in today’s world.

Our team of experts are both Google and Facebook Blueprint certified. We use the latest PPC tools and software to deliver our services which are updated regularly.We create PPC Campaigns for both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

In the last 6+ months we have seen a real improvement in our company profile which has generated a number of new business leads.

First Flight Non Exec Directors Limited

Our pay per click agency in Kent
gives you access to our talented team of specialists and award-winning technology.

How PPC Advertising Works

We create advertisements on behalf of client companies and the great thing is you only get charged every time the ad is clicked. Clients simply choose which keywords they would like to target and how much they would like to spend each day/week/month on AdWords or social ads.

Pay Per Click Services offers an easy way for businesses to find new customers by allowing them to advertise online through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising services including Google Pay-Per-Click.

"I’ve Seen A Huge Spike In Traffic To My Website Which Has Had A Huge Impact On Enquiries And Referrals - I’m Delighted!"

Care In Kent Limited

We are a full-service PPC advertising agency Kent
that can help you increase leads, conversions and sales.

Benefits of using a PPC service

There are many benefits to pay per click advertising , it drives warm leads to your business that are already interested in what you do and it also allows you to track conversions so you can see exactly how much money you are making from your PPC Campaigns.

PPC user data also helps your SEO strategy, as you are able to look at the impact of a keyword before investing time in gaining free traffic. We are able to use this data to create effective SEO and ppc marketing campaigns. We also offer Search engine optimisation services.

Get In touch today and find out about our SEO service

Contact our team today and one of our Managing directors will personally answer your questions to help increase your search visibility.

"I'm really happy with the results - fantastic value for money and getting results quite quickly. Very impressed and would highly recommend!"

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