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Blue Moxie are one of the most experienced SEO Agency Kent. All of our local SEO specialists have received comprehensive training in search best practices. We are one of the few SEO firms that has an in house team who maintain continuity and adhere to Google’s best practices.

Although there is no magic with search engine optimisation, the time and effort necessary to compete effectively in Google’s search results necessitate a thorough study and planning. SEO is a long-term investment, but our SEO solutions can definitely make a difference in your online presence—and more importantly, in the number of qualified leads your business receives.

To determine if your website is optimised for search engines, we conduct a website audit. We verify the keywords your site focuses on and the quality of the content. We also ensure that it is mobile-friendly and SEO ready.

In the last 6+ months we have seen a real improvement in our company profile which has generated a number of new business leads.

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We care About Your search engine optimisation

We work hard for your business, relentlessly reviewing and updating search engine algorithms to maximise search traffic. We develop long-term search strategies that will grow your search traffic exponentially.

We provide search engine marketing campaigns designed to bring new customers and clients through search engines, driving more sales for your business.

Our search engine optimisation campaigns are search engine focused and based on the fundamentals of search marketing that will help you to grow your search traffic, convert search visitors and search engine ranking.

"I’ve Seen A Huge Spike In Traffic To My Website Which Has Had A Huge Impact On Enquiries And Referrals - I’m Delighted!"

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We are expert SEO content marketing experts

Our team are experts at writing content that ranks and your ideal customers will want to read, this is essential to improving your search visibility. We can help you create a marketing plan that maximizes your marketing potential.

We will research and write content specifically for your web pages so that search engines can find you. Our content marketing service is designed to improve search engine rankings and increase website traffic.

Here’s what we will do for your Business

Our SEO marketing team will create marketing content that will be published on your website and other marketing channels. We will produce compelling industry related content around your topics to attract visitors to your website.

We will prepare marketing content that will increase your web pages’ relevance to search terms. Consistent, high quality content increases marketing potential, search engine rankings and website traffic.

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SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural,” “unpaid,” or “organic” search results.

You can think of SEO as how high up on the page you show up when somebody searches for certain keywords related to your business or products.

Local SEO focuses on optimising your website so that you show up for local searches. Some examples of local searches are “Kent plumber,” “Kent dentist,”or “pizza in Maidstone.” Businesses often want to show up for local searches because local customers are typically very local.

That means local companies typically have fewer customers than businesses that only serve the town or region.

Since local customers are so local, they love supporting local businesses and will be more likely to choose a local business overa national company. A local business is also more likely to offer delivery service so a local customer can go online and order an item for later local pick-up or local delivery.

Many local small business still think that local SEO isn’t worth investing in because there is such a small number of local customers. The problem with this thinking is that local customers are not going to search globally, they’re going to use local searches.

This means local businesses have a lot of local competition and need local SEO in order to be found online and rise above your competitors.

Our experts will use keyword research to find the terms your paying customers are using to find and buy services like yours. 

The search engines use search algorithms to assess whether your website is relevant for a certain term. The search engine analyses all of the different search queries submitted by its users and compares keywords to webpages in order to provide search results.

If your business appears on a search engine result page, you increase your chances of securing a new local customer. SEO helps you get found by search engines while search visibility aids in the discovery of potential consumers, ultimately giving you online success.

A specialist SEO firm will use all elements of SEO to guarantee that you are ranking higher than your competition in search engine results pages (SERPS).

A solid SEO plan can help you gain more exposure, resulting in more visitors to your website and improved online sales.But local SEO is different, right?

Local SEO does have some local variances to standard SEO. For example, businesses need their NAP information listed correctly on all local directories. This means they have to have a consistent name, address and phone number for the sake of search results.

If your company has your contact information incorrect on local directories, you will not appear in local searches and local consumers will instead go to your competition.

"I'm really happy with the results - fantastic value for money and getting results quite quickly. Very impressed and would highly recommend!"

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We fully manage your seo for you

Blue Moxie will fully manage you company’s Search engine positions and work to increase your websites traffic. Give your business the marketing edge it needs to get found online by consumers in your market. We work closely with your marketing team to improve website strategies, increase keyword rankings and develop marketing plans that are aligned with search engine marketing.

Our service is designed to become and integral part of your marketing team, we help you build marketing strategies that are aligned to organic search marketing.

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